Saturday, February 11, 2012

Half and Half Socks

Half & half socks are my version of toe-up hand knit socks with machine knit toes and heels. I do not like to short-row by hand so I knit the toe and heel by machine.

Cast on with scrap yarn 30 stitches at Tension 5 (or tension that closely matches your hand knit swatch). Set your machine to hold and knit 1 row. On carriage side, bring 1 needle to hold position (this does an automatic wrap). Continue short rowing 1 stitch each side until you have 8 center stitches remaining. Short row back out until all stitches are back in work. Remove on scrap yarn.

You will need 5 size #0 double point needles. There will be a total of 60 stitches. Pick up 15 stitches onto 4 double point needles, 5th needle is used for knitting. Remove scrap yarn. Begin circular hand knitting until sock is long enough for instep. ( I try this on several times until it is long enough to start the heel) At this point I remove all stitches onto length of scrap yarn, or you could knit several rows of scrap yarn. DO NOT cut main yarn.

Hang 30 stitches onto machine for heel. (make sure it is going the same direction as toes) Short row down to center 12 stitches and back out again. Scrap off, again do not cut main yarn.

Pick up all stitches as above, removing scrap yarn. Circular hand knit until length desired. Hem or rib top. I prefer a fold-over hem, because I have a tendency to rib bind-off too tight.

Block, wear, enjoy!

(The multicolored pair is completely knit on a flatbed machine.)