Friday, December 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Mom's Snowflakes

I have been wanting to display the snowflakes my Mom crocheted for me many years ago. I decided to make something for my kitchen window so that every time I am working in the kitchen I will see them and remember her, especially now at Christmas time as the Pfeffernuesse come out of the oven.

I had a tension rod that fit perfectly in my kitchen window and some Christmas themed fat quarter scraps.

I cut 2 strips 4" wide.

Sewed 2 short edges together and hemmed the other short ends.

Folded in half length-wise and sewed it together to make a sleeve.

Turned the sleeve with a safety pin.

Slipped the tension rod into the sleeve.

These are the crocheted snowflakes.

Made some hangers with craft wire.

I'm ready to begin baking Pfeffernuesse!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"The Aircraft Carrier"

This is what my husband lovingly calls my desk. Everything “lands” here before it finds a more permanent place to live. Mike bought this desk several years ago for $25 and had to take it apart to get it into the room. It multitasks: on one side is all the computer stuff, on the other is the sewing machine. The end will hold the little Studio 140 hobby knitting frame. One of these days it will have to leave my little room, but for now I will enjoy the landing space it offers me.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

What was I thinking?

Last week I had this wonderful idea to rearrange my office/studio to make it more functional and organized. Found a website where you enter in room dimensions and arrange furniture. Ok, great, that has all been done and printed out. Now the dilemma, where do I begin? Pack up seldom used items; organize often used items, items to decorate with, etc? I enter the studio……I exit the studio……I enter the studio……I exit the studio…..(check new things on Pinterest, check in on Facebook, check email, put another load of clothes into the washing machine, fold clothes coming out of the dryer ……).

I really need chocolate!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ode to the UFO

Oh, the UFO
Let me count the ways
That you could be finished
In a timely fashion.
You mock me
With your tangled string
Let us dance
With the rhythm
Of clicking needles.
Knit, purl or
Was it purl then knit?
Oh, the frustration!
Again, mocking
As you are thrown back,
Back in with the other UFO’s
UFO’s begging
For one more row
Or one more stitch.

(UFO - unfinished object)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Celebrating Mom

Today my sisters and I celebrate the life of our Mom.  This would have been her 90th birthday.  Mom was a soft-spoken, extremely shy, loving, gentle, kind and Godly woman.  Mom loved to sew, bake and study the Bible.  Her 5 grandchildren were the joy of her life.  

 (Mom crocheting snowflakes)

At an early age, all 3 of us girls, were taught how to sew on the treadle sewing machine.  My sisters went on to win many awards in 4-H and the Make It With Wool contest.  We were also taught from an early age to love music. (Yes, we grew up with "Sing Along with Mitch", "Lawrence Welk" and "The Andy Williams Show")  Mom not only played piano but the accordion and guitar (and I believe mandolin?).  Mom was active in the Mennonite Women's Missions Society and designed and finished many quilts for the Relief sales.  These quilts would bring several thousands of dollars at the auctions.  Mom even had a couple of quilts published in a quilt magazine in her 70's. 

I can remember Sunday afternoon's (after naps) when we would all gather around the piano while Mom would play hymns and we would sing.  Summers were all about preparing food for winter.  We would be up early, still in pj's, picking the ripe vegetables to can, freeze, pickle or eat. (my mouth is watering for a jar of her bread and butter pickles as I write this)  Mom would also have us stir up several pots of her famous lye soap. (Ask Mike about that!) Mom's dinner rolls were quite famous with our husbands, they would walk by the still warm rolls and foolishly think they were sneaking a taste.  Mom always knew what they were doing, but let them believe she didn't know.  

 (Mom and me in 1965)

After my sisters moved on to college and marriage, Mom helped me paint my room, make a quilt to match and taught me to drive on country roads.  Dad and I so enjoyed playing practical jokes on her.  She was such a good sport about those stupid jokes.  Thank you Mom for giving us a wonderful, loving childhood.  We miss you!